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Product parameters

This sterilizer is mainly applicable for processing(sterilizing, insulating and cooling)heat sensitive liquids, such as fruit juice,tea,milk and some wine products. It has characteristic of high heat efficiency, compact structure, convenient in operation and maintenance. This sterilizer equips with sanitary pumps, buffer tank, hot water system, temperature controller/recorder and electric control system. All parts, which directly contact liquid, are made of SUS316.Pumps,pneumatic parts and electric apparatus on the machine are famous brands in international market.
Output capacity 2-12T/h
Sterilizing temp() 85-135℃

Scope of Application: tubular sterilizing system could process many kinds of liquid products, especially suitable for processing high viscous liquid, fruit juice containing big granules or fiber, high acidity product which is corrosive to butter, ice cream and so on. This tubular sterilizing system is also widely used in milk processing lines as pasteurzing,high temperature sterilizing or ultra high temperature sterilizing system, which are defined as following:
*Pasteurizing system, sterilizing temperature is within 85-90 `C
*High temperature sterilizing system, sterilizing temperature is within 117-125`C
*Ultra high temperature sterilizing system: sterilizing temperature is within 137-140`C
Capacity of the tubular sterilizing system:3-15ton/hour.
Feature(of the tubular sterilizing system):actual sterilizing temperature is changed within+1`C around setting temperature.

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