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 2cav 4cav Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Product parameters

2Cav 4Cav Automatic Blow Molding Machine


The fully-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine combined with three main units, it include the blow molding machine and the preform autoloading machine and blow mould,

The blow molding machine is high quality fully-automatic operation, with automatic perform mechanical hand loading, automatic perform heating by infrared lamp and automatic blowing, automatic bottle taken out by mechanical hand, all the procedure controlled by PLC and touch screen operation, it is most suitable for large scale production

The perform autoloading machine is applied for automatic transmission of PET preform to the blowing machine mechanical hand, it save labors and highly improve machine automation,

Blow mould is designed according to customer sample and special designed for the blow molding machine, it have separated up-down moving blow mould bottom, and whole unit cavity, use 2316 stainless steel ensure bottle quality and best cooling effects,


1.high precision heavy duty mechanical structure

Machine shelf adopt high quality and big thickness steel plate, with precise positioning on the unit parts, the shelf is strong and nice looking, welding connection is neatly,

2.Stable and high efficiency perform automatic loading unit

Combined with the perform autoloading machine and special designed mechnical hand, adopt famous brand FESTO rotary piston and Omron sensor, all these ensure the stabilization and efficiency of preform autoloading

3. evenly and energy saving infrared heating unit

Adopt 5groups of lamp,each group with nine lamp,each lamp is 1.5kw for 4cavity blow molding machine,make sure it can handle the heating of perform for max.1.5Lbottle,

high capacity lamp rated power ensure the long life of lamp,

Perform transmit to the infrared oven by slider and chain, in the meantime the perform rotate itself for evenly heating, the long length oven and small distance between performs can heat more performs in the same time, that improve the energy efficiency,,

The heating oven have automatic temperature controlling function, the heat resistant air outlet tube can work on high temperature environment and automatic running to ensure the stable of the heating oven temperature,

4.Special designed perform moving unit to the blow mould

Adopt AUTONICS proximity sensor for perform movement after heating, the high response AUTONICS sensor ensure the reliability of the perform moving,

5.Clamping unit and automatic blowing unit

Use pressure boosting unit to keep the fast blowing even for big volume bottle,

Use FESTO stretching piston and FESTO valve to make sure the stabilization of blowing and high efficiency of the blowing,

Use big stroke FESTO clamping piston to ensure the fast and stable clamping

6.Reliable and synchronous machine operation

Adopt FESTO movement piston and FESTO valve to make sure all the units working stable and in same step,

7. clean compressed air system

Use CKD oil filter, to filleting the oil elements inside the compressed air, greatly improve the working life of the valve,

The tank inside the machine body use for buffering and keep the stabilization of the air source,

Use PARKER blowing valve and blowing system keep the stabilization of the high pressure air blowing

8. Electric control system

Adopt Siemens PLC and Siemens colorful high resolution touch screen, multi-language for all kinds country customer operation, the high quality of Siemens PLC ensure the stable and fast response of the electric control system

The software program is special programmed only for our machine, it have the basic operation for manually operation which is mainly for machine setting and adjustment, and the fully-automatic operation menu which is for high speed automatic production without man interference

Use modular temperature controlling to make sure the precise temperature controlling, the digital displaying meter show temperature on the meter and easy for adjusting the heating temperature,

Reliable electric relay is applied for protection of circulate when electricity unstable,

Sensitive speed controller can easily control the chain and slider moving speed to adjust the machine running speed,

MODEL UNIT ZA-2000 ZA-4000
CONTAINER Max.container volume ML 1500 1500
Max. neck diameter mm 38 38
Max. container diameter mm 95 95
Max. container height mm 320 320
Number of cavities   2 4
Theoretical output BPH 2000 4000
ELECTRICITY SYSTEM Installed power Kw 18 34
Max. heating power Kw 16 32
COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM Operating pressure Mpa 0.7 0.7
Low pressure Air consuming M3/min 2.0 2.0
Blowing pressure Mpa 3.5 3.5-4.0
High pressure Air consuming M3/min 1.5-2.0 3.2-4.0
CHILLED WATER Pressure Mpa 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5
Temperature 10-12 10-12
Flow rate L/min 30 30
MACHINE Size(L*W*H) m 3.2X1.4X1.9 3.3X1.9X1.9
Weight Kg 3000 4500

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